Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were German academics, who collected folk tales from throughout Europe. They began their work in 1807 and continued for many years. Initially the brothers invited storytellers to their home and wrote down the tales. Later additions they found in printed sources.

Here we have a selection of 52 of their most famous stories, beautifully illustrated by Walter Crane.

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Thumbnail For The Almond Tree
A rather gruesome tale of a wicked step-mother who feeds her stepson to his father, but it all ends up happily.
Thumbnail For Aschenputtel
The poor girl has a miserable life bullied by her step-mother and step-sisters, but ends up marrying a prince.
Thumbnail For The Bremen Town Musicians
A dog, ass, cat and cock run away to Bremen fleeing death. Their luck changes when they find a robber's house.
Thumbnail For The Brother And Sister
A brother and sister escape their miserable life, but after he drinks from a brook the brother becomes a fawn.
Thumbnail For The Cat And The Mouse In Partnership
A cat and a mouse were friends and decided to store some fat for winter. They decided to hide it in the church.
Thumbnail For Clever Else
Although her family called her 'Clever Else' admiring her intellect, she was not as smart as they imagined.
Thumbnail For Clever Grethel
Grethel likes wine and the food she cooks for her master a bit too much. Luckily, for her she is also quick witted.
Thumbnail For The Death Of The Hen
Cock and hen in nut mountain agree to share what they find. Hen does not keep the bargain with tragic results.
Thumbnail For The Dog And The Sparrow
A sheep-dog is befriended by a sparrow, but is then killed by a callous waggoner. The sparrow vows his revenge.
Thumbnail For The Elves
Three stories of elves. The shoemaker, a servant lost for 7 years and how a mother swapped back the changeling.
Thumbnail For Faithful John
The old king was dying and called for his loyal servant Faithful John making him promise to look after his son.
Thumbnail For The Fisherman And His Wife
A poor fisherman catches a flounder, who is a prince. His wife discovers this and makes demand after demand.
Thumbnail For Fred And Kate
Fred was a hard working man, but his wife although she meant well caused him and the villagers much trouble.
Thumbnail For The Frog Prince
A king's daughter loses a golden ball in a well. A frog promises to rescue it, if she agrees to his conditions.
Thumbnail For The Gallant Tailor
A tailor kills flies eating his bread and jelly. He then makes a belt to commemorate saying 'Seven at one blow!'.
Thumbnail For The Golden Bird
There was once a king who owned a tree that bore golden apples, but one morning one of the apples was missing.
Thumbnail For The Golden Goose
A simpleton, because of his kindness to a little grey man is given a golden goose and ends up with a kingdom.
Thumbnail For The Goose Girl
A princess is betrothed to a prince from far away, but her wicked waiting-woman forces her to change places.
Thumbnail For Hans In Luck
After seven years working for his Master, Hans leaves to visit his mother. His Master gives Hans a gift of gold.
Thumbnail For Hansel And Grethel
Hansel and Grethel, abandoned in the forest are caught by a witch. They survive through their quick thinking.
Thumbnail For How Mrs. Fox Married Again
Two different versions, in one her husband had nine tails and in the other her suitors include wild animals.
Thumbnail For King Thrushbeard
A king's daughter mocks all her suitors, making her father so angry that he swears she will marry a beggar.
Thumbnail For The Knapsack, The Hat, And The Horn
Three brothers seek their fortune, one returns with silver, another with gold and the third with magic items.
Thumbnail For The Little Farmer
A poor farmer has a calf made of wood believing that it will grow into a cow. What happens is even stranger.
Thumbnail For Little Red-cap
One day a young girl, called Little Red-cap and loved by all, is sent to her grandmother's with cakes and wine.
Thumbnail For Mother Hulda
A poor young girl loses a spindle down a well and to please her wicked step-mother jumps down to retrieve it.
Thumbnail For The Mouse, The Bird, And The Sausage
A mouse, a bird and a sausage share a house together, all is well until the bird decides to alter the chores.
Thumbnail For Mr. Korbes
A cock and hen travel to visit Mr Korbes in a carriage drawn by four little mice, on the way they meet a cat.
Thumbnail For Old Sultan
Sultan is a faithful dog but is old and his owner decides to kill him. The dog escapes death helped by a wolf.
Thumbnail For Prudent Hans
Hans visits Grethel many times, taking presents that she gives him, unfortunately Hans is a little bit simple.
Thumbnail For The Queen Bee
Three king's sons seek adventure. The youngest, prevents his brothers playing cruel tricks and is rewarded.
Thumbnail For The Rabbit's Bride
A young maiden chases a rabbit away from her mother's cabbages, but the rabbit decides to make her his bride.
Thumbnail For Rapunzel
There was once a couple who gave up their long wished for child to a witch, who shut her up in a tall tower.
Thumbnail For The Raven
A Queen's baby cries so much she wishes that the child were a raven and flew away, which then magically occurs.
Thumbnail For The Robber Bridegroom
A miller betroths his beautiful daughter to a seemingly well to do stranger. But she has misgivings about him.
Thumbnail For Roland
A wicked witch decides to kill her pretty step-daughter, but the girl overhears the witch telling her daughter.
Thumbnail For Rumpelstiltskin
A miller lies to the king that his daughter can spin straw into gold, she then makes a pact with a little man.
Thumbnail For Six Soldiers Of Fortune
A Jack-of-all-trades recently discharged from the army seeks to make his fortune and finds five others to help.
Thumbnail For The Six Swans
A king hunting in woods becomes lost and is helped by a witch, but he has to promise to marry her daughter.
Thumbnail For Sleeping Beauty
A king and queen desire more than anything to have a child. One day a frog foretells they will have a daughter.
Thumbnail For Snow White
A Queen longs for a 'child as white as snow, as red as blood and as black as the wood of the embroidery frame!'
Thumbnail For The Straw, The Coal, And The Bean
A straw, piece of coal and a bean all escape from the cooking of an old woman and decide to start on a journey.
Thumbnail For The Table, The Ass, And The Stick
A tailor has three sons and a goat. The goat gives them all milk and is well cared for, but creates mischief.
Thumbnail For The Three Little Men In The Wood
A beautiful girl has a cruel step-mother. But one day she helps three little men in the woods and is rewarded.
Thumbnail For The Three Spinsters
A very lazy girl is beaten by her mother, who then lies to the Queen saying she cannot stop her from spinning.
Thumbnail For Tom Thumb
A poor couple dream of having a baby. Eventually they do have a child, but he is no bigger than their thumbs.
Thumbnail For Tom Thumb's Travels
Tom Thumb, a tailor's son, was no higher than a thumb but was also brave. One day decided to explore the world.
Thumbnail For The Twelve Brothers
A king and queen have twelve sons, but the king has vowed if he has a daughter then he will kill all the boys.
Thumbnail For The Vagabonds
A cock and hen set off to the mountains to eat nuts. They decide to travel back in style, in a little carriage.
Thumbnail For The White Snake
There lived a king, knew many hidden things. One day his servant tastes the king's food and finds the secret.
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The Seven Kids
A mother goat had seven kids, one day when she was out a wolf tricked his way in the house and ate six of them.
Thumbnail For The Wonderful Musician
A musician walking in a wood playing his fiddle attracts a wolf, followed by a fox, a hare and a woodcutter.

Sources And Further Reading

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