This Week's Stories

Welcome to, our library of classic legends, myths and tales gathered from throughout the world. Each week we choose a small sample from the collection and place them here, on our front page.

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Thumbnail For The Plane Tree An Aesop Fable
An Aesop Fable. "Our Best Blessings Are Often The Least Appreciated"
Thumbnail For The Farmer And The Stork An Aesop Fable
An Aesop Fable. "You Are Judged By The Company You Keep"
Thumbnail For The Brother And Sister
A Tale From The Brothers Grimm
Thumbnail For Lady Yolanda's Thimble
A Folk Tale From Brittany
Thumbnail For A Tribe That Left Its Shoes
A Native American Legend
Thumbnail For The Merchant Of Seri
A Buddhist Folk Tale
Thumbnail For A Legend Of The Great Flood
An Aboriginal Legend
Thumbnail For Connla And The Fairy Maiden
A Celtic Fairy Tale
Thumbnail For Old Sultan
A Tale From The Brothers Grimm