Classic Fairy Tales And Stories

Here we present a collection of classic Fairy Tales and Stories.

They range from such classic tales as Aladdin and the Golden Goose, to Tom Thumb and the Three Bears, many of them are beautifully illustrated by such famous artists as Walter Crane and L. Leslie Brooke.

We have drawn on a few different sources to create our collection.

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Thumbnail For Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp
Aladdin was spoiled and loved to play better than work. This meant when his father died his mother struggled to feed them. One day Aladdin met an old man.
Thumbnail For The Christmas Bells
Long ago there was a church with a tower so high that it seemed to touch the clouds. Inside the tower were bells that magically only rang on Christmas Eve.
Thumbnail For The Dragon Of Ghent
Buccoleon was a dragon, who many named 'The Weeping Dragon'. He was kind-hearted and cried whenever the crusaders and the Saracens fought, which was often.
Thumbnail For Epaminondas
Epaminondas's granny cooked in a big house, when he visited her she always gave him something to take home. Unfortunately, he never knew how to carry them.
Thumbnail For The Goblin Of Giotto's Tower
There is a goblin living in Giotto's Tower, he is a 'folletto' or protecting spirit. It is said that he was once Giotto's favorite lamb when he was a boy.
Thumbnail For The Golden Goose
A man had three sons, the youngest was named the Simpleton. His brothers refused a little old grey man food and wine, but he shares his and is rewarded.
Thumbnail For The Hillman And The Housewife
In some lands live fairies called Hillmen. In one such place dwelt a housewife, who always sort to get the best of a bargain and tried this with a Hillman.
Thumbnail For How Brother Rabbit Fooled The Whale And The Elephant
Brother Rabbit overhears Brother Elephant and Brother Whale plotting to rule all the animals, but Brother Rabbit decides that they will not rule over him.
Thumbnail For The Ox That Helped
When Laon Cathedral was built oxen dragged carts of stones and wood. One ox could pull no more and was kindly let off the harness, but another appeared.
Thumbnail For Princess Belle Etoile
Three princesses, named Roussette, Brunette and Blondine lived with their mother, who was not as rich as she used to be. One day a fairy called for dinner.
Thumbnail For The Story Of The Three Bears
Once three different sized bears shared a house together. They always had porridge for breakfast and slept in different beds, one day they had a visitor.
Thumbnail For The Story Of The Three Little Pigs
Once upon a time a mother pig sent her three little pig sons out into the world. Each built themselves a house: one of straw, one of wood and one of brick.
Thumbnail For The Frog Prince
There once was a king who had beautiful daughters, but the youngest was the most lovely of all. One day she lost a golden ball down a well and met a frog.
Thumbnail For The Raven Of The Giralda
Long ago, a raven lived on top of the bell tower of the cathedral in Seville. He was so old that his head was no longer black, but grey. He was very wise.
Thumbnail For Saddle To Rags
A rather silly man travels to pay rent to his landlord. On the way he is met by a robber. But the man is not as silly as he appears and tricks the robber.
Thumbnail For Tom Thumb
When King Arthur ruled there lived a ploughman and his wife. They were happy save from having no baby. The husband travelled to Court to ask Merlin's help.
Thumbnail For Twas The Night Before Christmas
This was written by Clement Clarke Moore, who was an amateur poet and professor of Biblical learning. It introduced many ideas that we have of Santa today.

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