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Our collection of stories have been collected from many different sources and are great reading in their own right. But, we thought that it would be cool to add some additional information.

After having this idea we have set up this section, where we will add articles on a variety of subjects.

Hopefully, you will enjoy these and they will add a bit more color to these wonderful tales.

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Thumbnail For About Aesop And His Fables
Although famous the world over, no one knows the truth about Aesop and even if he ever existed. Here, we give a brief account of what is known about him.
Thumbnail For The Brothers Grimm And Their Tales
The tales collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are very well known and are still the fuel for many a youngster's nightmare. Here we find out who they were.
Thumbnail For Walter Crane An Artist And Book Illustrator
Walter Crane is recognized as one of the most influential children's book creators. A member of the Arts and Crafts movement, he was a staunch socialist.
Thumbnail For Arthur Rackham A Unique Book Illustrator
Arthur Rackham was born in London in 1867 and died in 1939. With his unique technique he is quite rightly considered one of the greatest book illustrators.
Thumbnail For Other Illustrators Of Our Tales
In this article we take a brief look at some of the not quite so well known illustrators of our tales. These include Milo Winter and Leonard Leslie Brooke.