African Legends

Africa is the world's second largest and also the second most populated continent, after Asia.

Historically the area was divided into a huge number of ethnic and tribal groups each with their own beliefs and culture. So our selection here represents just a tiny fragment of the continent's wealth of tales.

Our collection of tales has been compiled from a variety of sources.

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Thumbnail For Another Vanishing Wife
Mavungu escaping from his village discovers the leaves of the fuba-tree can make people, one of these becomes his wife. Through his stupidity he loses her.
Thumbnail For The Antelope And The Leopard
A leopard bets his life that if he hides an antelope will not be able to find him. He loses the bet, but the antelope has to use trickery to get his prize.
Thumbnail For How Nsassi Got Married
Nenpetro's wives both give birth to daughters, called Lunga and Lenga. It is agreed that they will only be married to someone who can guess their names.
Thumbnail For How The Spider Won And Lost Nzambi's Daughter
Nzambi has a beautiful daughter, but swears that no one shall marry her unless they can bring her the heavenly fire from Nzambi Mpungut. Spider has a plan.
Thumbnail For The Leopard And The Crocodile
A man has many wives, but they refuse to work so there is no food. He makes a deal with a leopard and then a crocodile to swap palm-nuts for meat and fish.
Thumbnail For The Monkey's Fiddle
As it is famine time, Monkey visits uncle Orang-outang, who has plenty of food. When he leaves uncle Orang-outang gives him a fiddle and a bow and arrow.
Thumbnail For The Turtle And The Man
A man and a turtle build a town, but as nothing is yet planted they are hungry. Each sets a trap to catch an antelope, but the turtle is not to be trusted.
Thumbnail For The Vanishing Wife
Swarmi is rich and married, his brother Buite is alone with no one to care for him. One day Buite has a dream and his life changes, but he makes a mistake.
Thumbnail For How The Wives Restored Their Husband To Life
Nenpetro is a great hunter with three wives. One day he is killed and the wives who are hungry look for him. They find his body and bring him back to life.

Sources And Further Reading

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