Classic Myths And Legends

Here we present a collection of classic Myths and Legends, drawn from throughout the world.

They feature such legendary figures as King Canute, Robin Hood and William Tell.

Amongst the treasures here are Norse and Germanic legends, and tales from Italy, Spain and Russia.

We have drawn on a few different sources to create our collection.

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Thumbnail For Antonio Canova
Antonio Canova lived with his grandfather, who was a stonecutter. He was an ill child and not strong enough to work, but he loved to play in the stoneyard.
Thumbnail For The Bell Of Atri
King John of Atri was a good ruler and had a bell hung in a tower. If anyone felt wronged they should ring the bell and a judge would see justice was done.
Thumbnail For The Black Douglas
When Scotland was at war with England there lived a brave warrior feared by all, nicknamed the Black Douglas on account of his dark hair and complexion.
Thumbnail For The Decision Of Libuscha
Staglow and Chrudis, from the family Klemowita in Bohemia, were in dispute about the division of their inheritance. Princess Libuscha Vyched had to decide.
Thumbnail For Frithiof The Bold
Frithiof was from a great warrior family. He was the strongest man in the land and was in love with the king's daughter, Ingeborg, for which he was warned.
Thumbnail For The Forget-Me-Not
A young couple were by a river, when the girl saw a lovely flower. The boy went to fetch it, but slipped and drowned. His last words were 'Forget-Me-Not'.
Thumbnail For The Great Knight Siegfried
King Siegmund and Queen Sieglinde were mighty. Their son, Siegfried, was even greater: slaying the Linden-tree Dragon and capturing the Nibelungs treasure.
Thumbnail For Ilia Muromec
The great hero Ilia Muromec was born in Kiev. For thirty years, he and twelve knights guarded the city castle, until one day the mighty Zidovin appeared.
Thumbnail For Jack And Jill On The Moon Mountains
The moon chariot was driven by Mani, who was lonely in heaven. One night, when Hjuki and his sister Bil were fetching water, Mani appeared seeking company.
Thumbnail For King Alfred And The Cakes
King Alfred was one of England's greatest kings. Early in his reign, he was forced to run from the Vikings and sought shelter in the hut of a woodcutter.
Thumbnail For King Canute On The Seashore
King Canute was an English king, whose followers were always praising him. Demonstrating their folly, he went to the sea and commanded the waves to stop.
Thumbnail For The King And His Hawk
Genghis Khan, a mighty warrior, went hunting one day with his hawk. As he was thirsty he filled a cup with water, but the hawk knocked it out of his hand.
Thumbnail For Kralewitz Marko Of Servia
Kralewitz Marko, a Servian king's son was captured by Arbanes Neda and his brothers. He tied a note to a white falcon sending it to his ally Milos Obilis.
Thumbnail For A Legend Of The North Wind
North Wind is mischievous, however he also makes amends for his tricks. Once he blew a boy's food out of his hand and gave a magic tablecloth in return.
Thumbnail For The Man In The Moon
It was a Sunday morning and an old woodman told his wife he was off to chop fagots. She begged him not to go as it was a day of rest, but he just laughed.
Thumbnail For Maximilian And The Goose Boy
King Maximilian of Bavaria was walking in the country when he met a boy looking after a flock of geese. The king offered the boy gold to fetch him a book.
Thumbnail For The Milky Way
Lindu, was in charge of the birds. She cared for them all and knew each flock's passage. All loved Lindu, including The North Star who wanted to marry her.
Thumbnail For The Mistletoe
Baldur, the brother of Thor, was loved by all because of his kindness. When he slept Baldur had nightmares which, unlike his brother, made him fear danger.
Thumbnail For A Story Of Robin Hood
In the days of King Richard and King John, living in Sherwood forest, was the outlaw named Robin Hood. He only stole from the rich and gave to the poor.
Thumbnail For The Story Of William Tell
Many years ago, the people of Switzerland were ruled by a cruel tyrant, named Gessler. Only one man refused to bow to Gessler, his name was William Tell.
Thumbnail For The Cid
The Cid's real name was Rodrigo Diaz, or Ruydiez. He was call Cid, which means Conqueror, after defeating five Moorish kings freeing Spain from the Arabs.
Thumbnail For The Thunder-God And His Brother
Tiu was the son of Woden and Thor's brother. The two went to a giant's house for a kettle. After eating all the giant's food they paid him with two whales.
Thumbnail For Twardowski
In the town of Krakau stood the house of the magician Twardowski. In his quest for power, he discovered a spell in an old book that would summon the devil.
Thumbnail For The Ungrateful Guest
A soldier in the service of King Philip was shipwrecked. A farmer rescued him and when well enough to return home he promised to repay him, but was lying.
Thumbnail For The Voices Of Nature
Vanemuine, the god of song, bored of living on the Hill of Taara. Before returning to his sky palace, he summoned all animals to give them each a language.
Thumbnail For Wayland The Smith
Two young sons of King Nidung visited the smith Wayland, asking for arrows. He refused unless they did as he told them and they had their father's consent.
Thumbnail For Woden God Of The Northern Sky
Woden, who was the greatest God, lived in a splendid palace in Valhalla. In another, named Fensalir, lived Woden's wife Frigga and his eldest son was Thor.

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