Stories For Week 18

When we started this site, it was decided to publish a small sample of our tales on the homepage. This selection changes each week and is great, but then it disappears for a whole year. This seemed a bit sad.

Recently we had another thought. Why not make a section where our visitors can look at each week's collection?

So, after a bit of work here it is. We hope you enjoy the real mixture of stories!!
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Thumbnail For The Lion, The Bear, And The Fox An Aesop Fable
An Aesop Fable. "Those Who Have All The Toil Do Not Always Get The Profit"
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The Lamb An Aesop Fable
An Aesop Fable. Moral:The Tyrant Can Always Find An Excuse For His Tyranny.The Unjust Will Not Listen To The Reasoning Of The Innocent"
Thumbnail For The Eighty One Brothers
A Japanese Folk Tale
Thumbnail For The Ass, The Table And The Stick
An English Fairy Story
Thumbnail For The Three Little Men In The Wood
A Tale From The Brothers Grimm