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About Aesop And His Fables Arthur Rackham A Unique Book Illustrator The Brothers Grimm And Their Tales Walter Crane An Artist And Book Illustrator Other Illustrators

Aboriginal Legends

Aboriginal Legends Section How Fire Was Stolen From Cockatoo How Kangaroo Got A Long Tail How The Native Bear Lost His Tail How Stars Were Made How The Sun Was Made A Legend Of The Great Flood Seven Sisters And Faithful Lovers Thugine And The Wandering Boys Why The Crow Is Black Why Emu Has Short Wings Why Fish Hawk Was Driven To Sea Why Flying Foxes Hang From Trees Why The Whale Spouts

Aesop's Fables

Aesop's Fables Section The Animals And The Plague The Ant And The Dove The Ants And The Grasshopper The Ass And The Driver The Ass And The Lap Dog The Ass And The Load Of Salt The Ass And Its Shadow The Ass In The Lion's Skin The Astrologer The Bat And The Weasels The Bear And The Bees The Bees, Wasps, And Hornet Belling The Cat The Boys And The Frogs The Bull And The Goat The Cat And The Fox The Cat And The Old Rat The Cat, Cock And Young Mouse The Cock And Fox The Crow And The Pitcher The Dog And His Reflection The Dog, The Cock And The Fox The Dog In The Manger The Dogs And The Hides The Eagle And The Beetle The Eagle And The Jackdaw The Farmer And His Sons The Farmer And The Stork The Fighting Bulls And Frog The Fighting Cocks And Eagle The Fisherman And Little Fish The Fox And The Crow The Fox And The Goat The Fox And The Grapes The Fox And The Hedgehog The Fox And The Leopard The Fox And The Lion The Fox And The Monkey The Fox And The Pheasants The Fox And The Stork The Fox Without A Tail The Frog And The Mouse The Frogs And The Ox Frogs Who Wished For A King The Gnat And The Bull The Goatherd And Wild Goats The Goose And Golden Egg The Hare And His Ears The Hare And The Tortoise The Hares And The Frogs Hercules And The Wagoner The Heron The Kid And The Wolf The Lark And Her Young Ones The Lion And The Ass The Lion And The Gnat The Lion And The Mouse The Lion, The Ass And The Fox The Lion, The Bear, And The Fox The Lion's Share The Man And The Satyr Mercury And The Woodman The Mice And The Weasals The Milkmaid And Her Pail The Miller, His Son And The Ass The Mischievous Dog The Miser The Monkey And The Camel The Monkey And The Cat The Monkey And The Dolphin The Mother And The Wolf The North Wind And The Sun The Oak And The Reeds The Old Lion And The Fox The Owl And The Grasshopper The Peacock The Peacock And The Crane The Plane Tree The Raven And The Swan The Rose And The Butterfly The Sheep And The Pig The Shepherd And The Lion The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf The Spend Thrift And Swallow The Stag And His Reflection The Stag, Sheep And Wolf Three Bullocks And A Lion The Tortoise And The Ducks Town Mouse And Country Mouse The Two Goats The Two Pots The Two Travellers And The Bear Vain Jackdaw And His Feathers The Wild Boar And The Fox The Wolf And The Ass The Wolf And The Crane The Wolf And The Goat The Wolf And The House Dog The Wolf And The Kid The Wolf And The Lamb The Wolf And The Lion The Wolf And His Shadow The Wolf And The Shepherd A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing The Wolf, The Kid And The Goat The Young Crab And His Mother

African Legends

African Legends Section Another Vanishing Wife The Antelope And The Leopard How Nsassi Got Married How Spider Won Nzambi's Daughter The Leopard And The Crocodile The Monkey's Fiddle The Turtle And The Man The Vanishing Wife How Wives Restored Husband To Life

Brazilian Legends

Brazilian Legends Section Adventures Of Fisherman's Son The Beast Slayer The Boy And The Violin Domingo's Cat The Forest Lad And Wicked Giant The Fountain Of Giant Land How The Giantess Became Small The Most Beautiful Princess The Princess Of The Springs The Quest Of Cleverness

Celtic Fairy Tales

Celtic Fairy Tales Section Andrew Coffey Beth Gellert Brewery Of Eggshells Connla And The Fairy Maiden Donal And Conal Gold Tree And Silver Tree Hudden, Dudden And Donald O'Neary King O'Toole And His Goose The Lad With The Goat Skin Leprechaun Of Ardmore Tower Munachar And Manachar The Sea Maiden The Shepherd Of Myddvai The Story-Teller At Fault

Chinese Folk Tales

Chinese Folk Tales Section The Ants The Cruel Hunters The Goddess Of The Silkworm Moon Shone On Porcelain Pagoda The Northern Constellation A Visit To Hell The Storm Dragon

Classic Fairy Tales And Stories

Classic Fairy Tales And Stories Section Aladdin And Wonderderful Lamp The Christmas Bells The Dragon Of Ghent Epaminondas The Goblin Of Giotto's Tower The Golden Goose The Hillman And The Housewife How Rabbit Fooled Whale And Elephant The Ox That Helped Princess Belle Etoile The Story Of The Three Bears Story Of Three Little Pigs The Frog Prince The Raven Of The Giralda Saddle To Rags Tom Thumb Twas The Night Before Christmas

Classic Greek And Roman Myths

Classic Greek And Roman Myths Section A Bag Of Winds Aeolus And The Tower Of Winds Androclus And The Lion The Birds With Arrow Feathers Castor And Pollux Deucalion And Pyrrha Diana Queen Of The Moon Diogenes The Wise Man Echo The Air Maiden The Gift Of The Olive Tree Girl Who Changed Into Sunflower The Giant With A Belt Of Stars The Great Bear In The Sky How Fire Came To Earth How Horses Of Sun Ran Away Iris, The Rainbow Princess Juno's Bird, The Peacock Jupiter God Of The Southern Sky The Keeper Of The Pharos Legend Of The Anemone The Legend Of The Seed The Lesson Of The Leaves The Little Wind God Maiden Who Became Laurel Tree Neptune, King Of The Seas Niobe Oedipus And The Sphinx Old Grasshopper Gray Orpheus, The South Wind Pegasus The Horse With Wings Philemon And Baucis The Poplar Tree Prometheus The Friend Of Man The Story Of Cincinnatus The Sword Of Damocles A Story Of An Evening Star Theseus And The Centaur Where Frogs Came From Why Narcissus Grows By Water Why Rivers Have Golden Sands Why Partridge Stays Near Ground

Classic Myths And Legends

Classic Myths And Legends Section Antonio Canova The Bell Of Atri The Black Douglas The Decision Of Libuscha Frithiof The Bold The Forget-Me-Not The Great Knight Siegfried Ilia Muromec Jack And Jill On Moon Mountains King Alfred And The Cakes King Canute On The Seashore The King And His Hawk Kralewitz Marko Of Servia A Legend Of The North Wind The Man In The Moon Maximilian And The Goose Boy The Milky Way The Mistletoe A Story Of Robin Hood The Story Of William Tell The Cid The Thunder-God And His Brother Twardowski The Ungrateful Guest The Voices Of Nature Wayland The Smith Woden God Of The Northern Sky

Dutch Fairy Tales

Dutch Fairy Tales Section The Boy Who Wanted More Cheese The Cat And The Cradle The Goblins Turned To Stone The Golden Helmet Ice King And His Grandchild The Kabouters And Bells The Legend Of The Wooden Shoe Santa Klaas And Black Pete

English Fairy Tales

English Fairy Tales Section The Almond Tree Binnorie The Bogey Beast Cap O' Rushes The Cauld Lad Of Hilton Dick Whittington And His Cat Earl Mar's Daughter Fairy Ointment The Fish And The Ring The Golden Arm Henny Penny Jack And His Golden Snuff Box Jack The Giant Killer Johnny Cake The Laidly Worm Laidly Worm Of Spindleston Heugh Lazy Jack The Magpie's Nest Master Of All Masters The Master And His Pupil Mr Fox Mr Miacca Mr And Mrs Vinegar The Miller's Guest The Miller Of The Dee Molly Whuppie The Old Woman And Her Pig The Rose Tree Tattercoats The Three Sillies The Three Men Of Gotham The Three Heads Of The Well Tom Tit Tot The Two Sisters The Well Of The World's End Wise Men Of Gotham More Wise Men Of Gotham

Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm

Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm Section The Almond Tree Aschenputtel The Bremen Town Musicians The Brother And Sister Cat And Mouse In Partnership Clever Else Clever Grethel The Death Of The Hen The Dog And The Sparrow The Elves Faithful John The Fisherman And His Wife Fred And Kate The Frog Prince The Gallant Tailor The Golden Bird The Golden Goose The Goose Girl Hans In Luck Hansel And Grethel How Mrs. Fox Married Again King Thrushbeard The Knapsack, Hat, And Horn The Little Farmer Little Red-cap Mother Hulda The Mouse, Bird, And Sausage Mr. Korbes Old Sultan Prudent Hans The Queen Bee The Rabbit's Bride Rapunzel The Raven The Robber Bridegroom Roland Roland Six Soldiers Of Fortune The Six Swans Sleeping Beauty Snow White The Straw, Coal, And Bean The Table, Ass, And Stick Three Little Men In The Wood The Three Spinsters Tom Thumb Tom Thumb's Travels The Twelve Brothers The Vagabonds The White Snake The Wolf And The Seven Kids The Wonderful Musician

Folk Tales From Britanny

Folk Tales From Britanny Section Basin Of Gold And Diamond_Lance The Castle Of Comorre The Changeling Country Bumpkin And Hobgoblin The Foster Brother The Four Gifts The Hazel Scepter The Hunchback And The Elves Lady Yolanda's Thimble Little White Thorn And Talking Bird The Magic Rocks And The Beggar Princess Ahez And The Lost City Wasp, Winged Needle And Spider The Witch Of Lok Island Yannik The Fairy Child

Indian Folk Tales

Indian Folk Tales Section The Brahman's Star The Gold Giving Serpent Sun, Moon And Wind Went To Dinner Singh Rajah And Little Jackals Selfish Sparrow And Houseless Crows The Talkative Tortoise The Tiger, Brahman And Jackal Tit For Tat

Japanese Fairy Tales

Japanese Fairy Tales Section The Bamboo Princess The Branch Of The Jewel Tree The Dragon Jewel Eighty One Brothers The Fire Robe The First Rabbits The Great Stone Bowl Lord Bag Of Rice The Old Man With A Wart Peach Darling The Shell In The Swallows' Nest The Smoke Of Fuji Yama

Jataka Tales

Jataka Tales Section The Banyan Deer Beauty And Brownie The Brave Little Bowman The Crab And The Crane The Cunning Wolf The Elephant And The Dog The Elephant Girly-Face The Foolhardy Wolf The Foolish Timid Rabbit Girl Monkey And String Of Pearls The Golden Goose Grannie's Blackie The Hawks And Their Friends How Monkey Saved His Troop How Turtle Saved His Own Life The King's White Elephant The Lion In Bad Company The Measure Of Rice The Merchant Of Seri The Monkey And The Crocodile The Otters And The Wolf The Ox Who Envied The Pig The Ox Who Won The Forfeit The Penny-Wise Monkey Prince Wicked And Grateful Animals The Princes And The Water Sprite The Quarrel Of The Quails The Red-Bud Tree The Sandy Road The Stolen Plow The Stupid Monkeys The Three Fishes The Tricky Wolf And The Rats Turtle Who Could Not Stop Talking Why Owl Is Not The King Of Birds The Wise And Foolish Merchant The Wise Goat And The Wolf The Woodpecker And The Lion The Woodpecker, Turtle, And Deer

Legends Of The Iroquois

Legends Of The Iroquois Section Corn Plume And Bean Maiden The Greedy Fawn And Porridge How A Boy Was Cured Of Boasting How An Indian Boy Won His Name How The Coon Outwitted The Fox How The Fairies Worked Magic How Good And Evil Came To Be How The Indians Learned To Heal How Little Shooter Lost His Luck How Mice Overcome The Warriors How Morning Star Lost Her Fish How Old Man Winter Driven Back How Robin Burned His Breast How The Turkey Buzzard Got His Suit How Two Boys Settled A Quarrel How The White Man Came How The Woman Overcame The Bear What The Ash And The Maple Learned Why Chipmunk Has Black Stripes Why Crows Are Poor Why The Cuckoo Is So Lazy Why Dogs Chase Foxes Why Goldfinches Look Like The Sun Why Hermit Thrush Is So Shy Why Hounds Outrun Other Animals Why The Ice Roof Fell Why The Indian Loves His Dog Why Indians Never Shoot Pigeons Why Lightning Sometimes Strikes Why The Partridge Drums Why Eagle Defends Americans Why Hare Has Split Lip Why Woodpecker Bores For Food

Native American Legends

Native American Legends Section A Tribe That Left Its Shoes Chief Two Hawks' Trail Grandmother River's Trick Kachina Brings The Spring Old Quanah's Gift The Cottonwood Remembers The Evil Water Spirits The Rabbit And The Wolf The Swift Blue One The Tar Wolf The Trailing Arbutus The Tower That Sings When The Rainbow Was Torn When The Stars Took Root When The Storm God Rides Why The Dog's Ears Flop Why The Woodpecker Pecks

Russian Folk Tales

Russian Folk Tales Section Bear And Old Man's Daughters The Bear's Paw The Cock And The Bean The Dog And The Cock The Fox And The Blackbird The Goat And The Ram The Hungry Wolf King Frost The Language Of The Birds The Peasant And The Bear The Straw Ox The Tsarevna Frog

Tibetan Folk Tales

Tibetan Folk Tales Section The Donkey And The Rock Drashup And The Goddesses The Frugal Woman The Golden Squash How Rabbit Killed The Lion How Duck Got His Yellow Breast The Ingratitude Of Man The Man And The Ghost The Man And The Monkeys The Three Hunters The Tiger And The Frog