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Welcome to, our library of classic legends, myths and tales gathered from throughout the world. Each week we choose a small sample from the collection and place them here, on our front page.

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Thumbnail For The Peacock And The Crane An Aesop Fable
An Aesop Fable. "The Useful Is Of Much More Importance And Value, Than The Ornamental"
Thumbnail For The Farmer And His Sons An Aesop Fable
An Aesop Fable. "Industry Is Itself A Treasure"
Thumbnail For The Dog And The Cock
A Russian Folk Tale
Thumbnail For The Storm Dragon
A Chinese Folk Tale
Thumbnail For The Crab And The Crane
A Buddhist Folk Tale
Thumbnail For The Turtle And The Man
A Legend From The Congo
Thumbnail For Tom Thumb
A Tale From The Brothers Grimm
Thumbnail For Domingo's Cat
A Brazilian Giant Tale
Thumbnail For The Foolhardy Wolf
A Buddhist Folk Tale