Brazilian Legends

Brazil is the largest country in South America, and it is the fifth largest country in the world. The official language is Portuguese.

As many cultures settled in Brazil, such as the Portuguese, African slaves and missionaries. its folklore has become a melting pot and indeed some tales have actually been forgotten in their motherland and have only survived in Brazil.

Our collection is taken from 'Tales of Giants from Brazil', by Elsie Spicer Eells published in 1918.

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Thumbnail For The Adventures Of A Fisherman's Son
A fisherman has so many children he does not know how to feed them all. When out in his boat he hears a voice calling him from the depths of the river.
Thumbnail For The Beast Slayer
A very poor man earns his living making wooden bowls and plates. He then becomes rich, as handsome strangers appear and force him to sell his daughters.
Thumbnail For The Boy And The Violin
An orphan boy spends all the money left to him to buy a violin. The music the boy plays is so sweet that all the animals come to listen and dance to it.
Thumbnail For Domingo's Cat
A man is so poor he has nothing left apart from his cat. The cat promises he will look after him and is soon finding gold and silver making the man rich.
Thumbnail For The Forest Lad And The Wicked Giant
A baby's parents leave the city and bring him up deep in the forest. His mother tells him tales of their old life and when he is older he wants to return.
Thumbnail For The Fountain Of Giant Land
An old woman, tells the king that his blindness can be cured if he bathes his eyes in the water of the fountain of Giantland, but this is a far away land.
Thumbnail For How The Giantess Guimara Became Small
A prince lost in the forest discovers a giant's kingdom. The giant's daughter Guimara falls in deeply love with the prince, but the giant disapproves.
Thumbnail For The Most Beautiful Princess
A king who is very ill sends his son to catch a hare, to make him some broth. But the prince stumbles across a big cave in which lives an enormous giant.
Thumbnail For The Princess Of The Springs
Long ago the Moon Giant wooed and married a beautiful giantess who lived in the Great River. They soon had a child who became Princess of all the Springs.
Thumbnail For The Quest Of Cleverness
Long ago a king had a simple son that no schooling could help. To find a solution, the king decided to ask the wisest men how to make the prince clever.

Sources And Further Reading

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