Resources And Links

All the books on this site are taken from the public domain. This means that they are no longer copyrighted and are free to legally distribute with no charges.

At the bottom of most pages we have put useful links, either to show you where we originally found the story, or so that you can find out more. However, some sites have been so useful that they deserve a page to themselves, so we can acknowledge our debt to them.

We have not scanned any of these books and the vast majority of the texts and images have come from two sites.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive
This went live on March 9th, 1999. It is a huge archive of online books that cover religion, mythology and folklore.

The site is the brainchild of John Bruno Hare, who sadly died in 2010. However, The Internet Sacred Text Archive is still very much online. It is a great general resource and includes some rather obscure literature.

Project Gutenberg
This was founded by Michael Hart way back in 1971. Project Gutenberg is the oldest digital library and currently offers over 36,000 free ebooks to download. Each book is held in a variety of formats, so there should be one ideal for whatever computer or electronic book reader you are using.

The hard work of scanning and editing is performed by a large group of volunteers. Without their dedication, it would have been impossible for Whispering Books to have seen the light of day. So we are extremely grateful to each and every one of them!

One other site that has been invaluable when creating Whispering Books is Wikipedia. We have relied on it heavily for the brief summaries at the tops of many pages and also for our more in depth articles.

Although we guess that you are well aware of the site it warrants an honorable mention here!