Aesop's Fables

Famous the world over Aesop's fables are thought to have been written by a Greek slave.

Although little is known about him, it is believed that Aesop lived at the court of King Croesus in Athens, around 600 BC. It is also speculated he was by origin an Ethiopian.

Here we present a collection of over a hundred of his famous fables, most beautifully illustrated by Milo Winter.

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Although famous the world over, no one knows the truth about Aesop and even if he ever existed. Here, we give a brief account of what is known about him.
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A lovely book cover for Aesop's Fables, drawn by Milo Winter. This book has been used for the majority of the Aesop Fables we present in this section.
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Moral: 'The Weak Are Made To Suffer For The Misdeeds Of The Powerful'
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Moral: 'A Kindness Is Never Wasted'
Thumbnail For The Ants And The Grasshopper
Moral: 'There's A Time For Work And A Time For Play'
Thumbnail For The Ass And The Driver
Moral: 'They Who Will Not Listen To Reason But Stubbornly Go Their Own Way Against The Friendly Advice Of Those Who Are Wiser Than They, Are On The Road To Misfortune'
Thumbnail For The Ass And The Lap Dog
Moral: 'Behavior That Is Regarded As Agreeable In One Is Very Rude And Impertinent In Another.'
Thumbnail For The Ass And The Load Of Salt
Moral: 'The Same Measures Will Not Suit All Circumstances'
Thumbnail For The Ass And Its Shadow
Moral: 'In Quarreling About The Shadow We Often Lose The Substance'
Thumbnail For The Ass In The Lion's Skin
Moral: 'A Fool May Deceive By His Dress And Appearance, But His Words Will Soon Show What He Really Is'
Thumbnail For The Astrologer
Moral: 'Take Care Of The Little Things And The Big Things Will Take Care Of Themselves'
Thumbnail For The Bat And The Weasels
Moral: 'Set Your Sails With The Wind'
Thumbnail For The Bear And The Bees
Moral: 'It Is Wiser To Bear A Single Injury In Silence Than To Provoke A Thousand By Flying Into A Rage'
Thumbnail For The Bees, The Wasps And The Hornet
Moral: 'Ability Proves Itself By Deeds'
Thumbnail For Belling The Cat
Moral: 'It Is One Thing To Say That Something Should Be Done, But Quite A Different Matter To Do It'
Thumbnail For The Boys And The Frogs
Moral: 'Always Stop To Think Whether Your Fun May Not Be The Cause Of Another's Unhappiness'
Thumbnail For The Bull And The Goat
Moral: 'It Is Wicked To Take Advantage Of Another's Distress.'
Thumbnail For The Cat And The Fox
Moral: 'Common Sense Is Always Worth More Than Cunning'
Thumbnail For The Cat And The Old Rat
Moral: 'The Wise Do Not Let Themselves Be Tricked A Second Time'
Thumbnail For The Cat, The Cock And The Young Mouse
Moral: 'Do Not Trust Alone To Outward Appearances'
Thumbnail For The Cock And The Fox
Moral: 'The Trickster Is Easily Tricked'
Thumbnail For The Crow And The Pitcher
Moral: 'In A Pinch A Good Use Of Our Wits May Help Us Out'
Thumbnail For The Dog And His Reflection
Moral: 'It Is Very Foolish To Be Greedy'
Thumbnail For The Dog, The Cock And The Fox
Moral: 'Those Who Try To Deceive May Expect To Be Paid In Their Own Coin'
Thumbnail For The Dog In The Manger
Moral: 'Do Not Grudge Others What You Cannot Enjoy Yourself'
Thumbnail For The Dogs And The Hides
Moral: 'Do Not Try To Do Impossible Things'
Thumbnail For The Eagle And The Beetle
Moral: 'Even The Weakest May Find Means To Avenge A Wrong'
Thumbnail For The Eagle And The Jackdaw
Moral: 'Do Not Let Your Vanity Make You Overestimate Your Powers'
Thumbnail For The Farmer And His Sons
Moral: 'Industry Is Itself A Treasure'
Thumbnail For The Farmer And The Stork
Moral: 'You Are Judged By The Company You Keep'
Thumbnail For The Fighting Bulls And The Frog
Moral: 'When The Great Fall Out, The Weak Must Suffer For It'
Thumbnail For The Fighting Cocks And The Eagle
Moral: 'Pride Goes Before A Fall'
Thumbnail For The Fisherman And The Little Fish
Moral: 'A Small Gain Is Worth More Than A Large Promise'
Thumbnail For The Fox And The Crow
Moral: 'The Flatterer Lives At The Expense Of Those Who Will Listen To Him'
Thumbnail For The Fox And The Goat
Moral: 'Look Before You Leap'
Thumbnail For The Fox And The Grapes
Moral: 'There Are Many Who Pretend To Despise And Belittle That Which Is Beyond Their Reach'
Thumbnail For The Fox And The Hedgehog
Moral: 'Better To Bear A Lesser Evil Than To Risk A Greater In Removing It'
Thumbnail For The Fox And The Leopard
Moral: 'A Fine Coat Is Not Always An Indication Of An Attractive Mind'
Thumbnail For The Fox And The Lion
Moral: 'Familiarity Breeds Contempt. Acquaintance With Evil Blinds Us To Its Dangers'
Thumbnail For The Fox And The Monkey
Moral: 'The True Leader Proves Himself By His Qualities'
Thumbnail For The Fox And The Pheasants
Moral: 'Too Much Attention To Danger May Cause Us To Fall Victims To It'
Thumbnail For The Fox And The Stork
Moral: 'Do Not Play Tricks On Your Neighbors Unless You Can Stand The Same Treatment Yourself'
Thumbnail For The Fox Without A Tail
Moral: 'Do Not Listen To The Advice Of Him Who Seeks To Lower You To His Own Level'
Thumbnail For The Frog And The Mouse
Moral: 'Those Who Seek To Harm Others Often Come To Harm Themselves Through Their Own Deceit.'
Thumbnail For The Frogs And The Ox
Moral: 'Do Not Attempt The Impossible'
Thumbnail For The Frogs Who Wished For A King
Moral: 'Be Sure You Can Better Your Condition Before You Seek To Change'
Thumbnail For The Gnat And The Bull
Moral: 'We Are Often Of Greater Importance In Our Own Eyes Than In The Eyes Of Our Neighbor. The Smaller The Mind The Greater The Conceit'
Thumbnail For The Goatherd And The Wild Goats
Moral: 'It Is Unwise To Treat Old Friends Badly For The Sake Of New Ones'
Thumbnail For The Goose And The Golden Egg
Moral: 'Those Who Have Plenty Want More And So Lose All They Have'
Thumbnail For The Hare And His Ears
Moral: 'Do Not Give Your Enemies The Slightest Reason To Attack Your Reputation.Your Enemies Will Seize Any Excuse To Attack You'
Thumbnail For The Hare And The Tortoise
Moral: 'The Race Is Not Always To The Swift'
Thumbnail For The Hares And The Frogs
Moral: 'However Unfortunate We May Think We Are There Is Always Someone Worse Off Than Ourselves'
Thumbnail For Hercules And The Wagoner
Moral: 'Self Help Is The Best Help. Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves'
Thumbnail For The Heron
Moral: 'Do Not Be Too Hard To Suit Or You May Have To Be Content With The Worst Or With Nothing At All'
Thumbnail For The Kid And The Wolf
Moral: 'Do Not Say Anything At Any Time That You Would Not Say At All Times'
Thumbnail For The Lark And Her Young Ones
Moral: 'Self-help Is The Best Help'
Thumbnail For The Lion And The Ass
Moral: 'The Loud-mouthed Boaster Does Not Impress Nor Frighten Those Who Know Him'
Thumbnail For The Lion And The Gnat
Moral: 'The Least Of Our Enemies Is Often The Most To Be Feared.Pride Over A Success Should Not Throw Us Off Our Guard'
Thumbnail For The Lion And The Mouse
Moral: 'A Kindness Is Never Wasted'
Thumbnail For The Lion, The Ass And The Fox
Moral: 'Learn From The Misfortunes Of Others'
Thumbnail For The Lion, The Bear, And The Fox
Moral: 'Those Who Have All The Toil Do Not Always Get The Profit'
Thumbnail For The Lion's Share
Moral: 'Might Makes Right'
Thumbnail For The Man And The Satyr
Moral: 'The Man Who Talks For Both Sides Is Not To Be Trusted By Either'
Thumbnail For Mercury And The Woodman
Moral: 'Honesty Is The Best Policy'
Thumbnail For The Mice And The Weasals
Moral: 'Greatness Has Its Penalties'
Thumbnail For The Milkmaid And Her Pail
Moral: 'Do Not Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched'
Thumbnail For The Miller, His Son And The Ass
Moral: 'If You Try To Please All, You Please None'
Thumbnail For The Mischievous Dog
Moral: 'Notoriety Is Not Fame'
Thumbnail For The Miser
Moral: 'A Possession Is Worth No More Than The Use We Make Of It'
Thumbnail For The Monkey And The Camel
Moral: 'Do Not Try To Ape Your Betters'
Thumbnail For The Monkey And The Cat
Moral: 'The Flatterer Seeks Some Benefit At Your Expense'
Thumbnail For The Monkey And The Dolphin
Moral: 'One Falsehood Leads To Another'
Thumbnail For The Mother And The Wolf
Moral: 'Do Not Believe Everything You Hear'
Thumbnail For The North Wind And The Sun
Moral: 'Gentleness And Kind Persuasion Win Where Force And Bluster Fail'
Thumbnail For The Oak And The Reeds
Moral: 'Better To Yield When It Is Folly To Resist, Than To Resist Stubbornly And Be Destroyed'
Thumbnail For The Old Lion And The Fox
Moral: 'Take Warning From The Misfortunes Of Others'
Thumbnail For The Owl And The Grasshopper
Moral: 'Flattery Is Not A Proof Of True Admiration. Do Not Let Flattery Throw You Off Your Guard Against An Enemy'
Thumbnail For The Peacock
Moral: 'Do Not Sacrifice Your Freedom For The Sake Of Pomp And Show'
Thumbnail For The Peacock And The Crane
Moral: 'The Useful Is Of Much More Importance And Value, Than The Ornamental'
Thumbnail For The Plane Tree
Moral: 'Our Best Blessings Are Often The Least Appreciated'
Thumbnail For The Raven And The Swan
Moral: 'A Change Of Habits Will Not Alter Nature'
Thumbnail For The Rose And The Butterfly
Moral: 'Do Not Expect Constancy In Others If You Have None Yourself'
Thumbnail For The Sheep And The Pig
Moral: 'It Is Easy To Be Brave When There Is No Danger'
Thumbnail For The Shepherd And The Lion
Moral: 'We Are Often Not So Eager For What We Seek, After We Have Found It. Do Not Foolishly Ask For Things That Would Bring Ruin If They Were Granted'
Thumbnail For The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf
Moral: 'Liars Are Not Believed Even When They Speak The Truth'
Thumbnail For The Spendthrift And The Swallow
Moral: 'One Swallow Does Not Make A Summer'
Thumbnail For The Stag And His Reflection
Moral: 'We Often Make Much Of The Ornamental And Despise The Useful'
Thumbnail For The Stag, The Sheep And The Wolf
Moral: 'Two Blacks Do Not Make A White'
Thumbnail For Three Bullocks And A Lion
Moral: 'In Unity Is Strength'
Thumbnail For The Tortoise And The Ducks
Moral: 'Foolish Curiosity And Vanity Often Lead To Misfortune'
Thumbnail For Town Mouse And Country Mouse
Moral: 'Poverty With Security Is Better Than Plenty In The Midst Of Fear And Uncertainty'
Thumbnail For The Two Goats
Moral: 'It Is Better To Yield Than To Come To Misfortune Through Stubbornness'
Thumbnail For The Two Pots
Moral: 'Equals Make The Best Friends'
Thumbnail For The Two Travellers And A Bear
Moral: 'Misfortune Is The Test Of True Friendship'
Thumbnail For The Vain Jackdaw And His Borrowed Feathers
Moral: 'Borrowed Feathers Do Not Make Fine Birds'
Thumbnail For The Wild Boar And The Fox
Moral: 'Prepared-ness For War Is The Best Guarantee Of Peace'
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The Ass
Moral: 'Stick To Your Trade'
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The Crane
Moral: 'Expect No Reward For Serving The Wicked'
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The Goat
Moral: 'An Invitation Prompted By Selfishness Is Not To Be Accepted.'
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The House Dog
Moral: 'There Is Nothing Worth So Much As Liberty'
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The Kid
Moral: 'Do Not Let Anything Turn You From Your Purpose'
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The Lamb
Moral: 'The Tyrant Can Always Find An Excuse For His Tyranny.The Unjust Will Not Listen To The Reasoning Of The Innocent'
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The Lion
Moral: 'What Is Evil Won Is Evil Lost'
Thumbnail For The Wolf And His Shadow
Moral: 'Do Not Let Your Fancy Make You Forget Realities'
Thumbnail For The Wolf And The Shepherd
Moral: 'Once A Wolf, Always A Wolf'
Thumbnail For A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Moral: 'The Evil Doer Often Comes To Harm Through His Own Deceit'
Thumbnail For The Wolf, The Kid And The Goat
Moral: 'Two Sureties Are Better Than One'
Thumbnail For The Young Crab And His Mother
Moral: 'Do Not Tell Others How To Act Unless You Can Set A Good Example'

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